Below are some details you may require regarding the Scout uniform. All scouts are expected to wear uniform to our weekly meetings, and particularly at public events (where we expect everyone to look smart and in full uniform!).

Scout uniform can be purchased from the official ScoutSHOPS website. It is worth, however, having a chat to us before buying, as we may have second-hand kit available or know someone who does!

You can find direct links to each item from the ScoutSHOP below:


As a minimun we expect all Scouts to wear a long sleeved Scout shirt or blouse to every meeting.


For our weekly Scout meetings, suitable comfortable trousers may be worn. Preferably black (no camo or “designer” clothes please). At public events or parades, smart school trousers are expected.


Again, for the weekly meetings, suitable comfortable footwear may be worn, but please remember that we may often be running around, inside or outside in all weathers. Black shoes are expected when attending public events or parades.


Scarves are presented to scouts upon investment into the troop. These are provided by the troop. Our scarf is burgundey in colour, with a yellow trim. Every scout who has been invested is expected to wear their group scarf to every meeting.

Folding your scarf is easy:

  1. Fold the scarf in half to form a triangle.
  2. Along the long, folded edge fold down the scarf in approx. 1 inch increments a few times until a triangle approximately 4-5 inches tall remains.
  3. Fold the entire scarf in half, centred down the middle of the remaining triangle and smooth flat.
  4. The scarf can now be placed around the neck and the remaining scarf ends passed through the woggle.
Did You Know….?
  • Your Scout scarf is designed in such a way that not only does it look smart, signify which group you belong to and represent the worldwide family of Scouts, but it is also a valuable First Aid tool! Simply removing and unrolling your scarf, you have a convenient and effective triangle bandage, which can be used as a sling, bandage, cordage or even a tourniquet in extreme circumstances! Clever!

Badge Placement

Upon investment, you will be presented with a number of badges as a sign that you have been officially invested into our troop and into the Scout family. You will receive the membership award, county & district badges, group name tape, patrol badge and our group badge. The placement of the various badges is shown here in a useful graphic: